Saturday, February 28, 2009

"Le Figaro", the sweet charm of the bourgeoisie white Guadaloupe.

"Le Figaro" justifies discrimination and racism in Guadaloupe.
"Le Figaro", de zoete charme van de bourgeoisie wit Guadeloupe.
"Le Figaro", le doux charme de la bourgeoisie blanche Guadeloupe.
“費加羅報” ,甜蜜的魅力資產階級白哥德普洛。
"Фигаро", сладкое обаяние буржуазии белый Гваделупа.

"Le Figaro" justifies discrimination and racism in Guadaloupe. Although want to laugh, because "Le Figaro" journalism tries to make a racist circus of the "Guadaloupe affaire", this article reveals the colonial thought in Paris: "The 'Negroes' of Guadeloupe unions( A T'OUSSAIN l'OVERTURE SPECIMEN FOR THIS NEWSPAPER) "are guilty of the climate of intimidation and violence, and, Incidentally, have infected with this disease THE OTHERS blacks in Martinique". This is the kind of journalism "LOW CARBO" FOR "PETITES BLANCS" IN THE ISLAND" IN THE Parisian daily " Le Figaro". Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida.

Le bras de fer continueen Guadeloupe
C.M. et C.J. ( avec AFP et AP 28/02/2009 Mise à jour : 12:55

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Saturday promises to be crucial, since the LKP could decide to stop the movement after a new round of negotiations. But the local Medef still refuses to sign the wage agreement part. The continuing dialogue of the deaf in Guadeloupe between the local and the Medef LKP. Willy Angèle, President of the antenna guadeloupéenne Medef, announced Friday that his organization and seven other federations do not sign the agreement in the night between the LKP and a minority of employers. The agreement "commits only those who signed," he hammered Saturday morning. The text that is worth its weight in gold, "says the leader of the LKP, Elie Domotique foresaw an increase of 200 euros with a participation of the State for 100 euros. But that agreement covers only 15,000 of the 80,000 employees of private overseas department. Medef and seven other organizations argue in fact represent 90% of the patrons of the island.(1) At the time of the boycott a "climate of intimidation and violence" maintained by the LKP leading mobilization for over a month on the island, denounced Medef Guadeloupe and its allies. "Mr. Domotique wanted to come to the hands, gave the Figaro Willy Angèle. So much so that men of Raid, attending all the negotiations, had to intervene, "he defends himself. The President of the local Medef did not bow at the request of the National Medef join the negotiations until its security will not be "ensured". "I will appreciate if my safety is assured. Ms. Parisot is 7000 km, "he argued. "Threatened with death" The prefect of the island Nicolas Desforges has vigorously denied accusations of Willy Angèle has even said to be "threatened with death every day." "At no time, security was at stake" replied the official. And run: "I regret all the effects of language and call on all parties to a peaceful dialogue." Despite what he called the "first step", the leader of LKP Domotique Elie has not called for an end to the general strike. "We will seek the extension of the provisions of this Agreement on all companies in Guadeloupe," he said. The collective inter Guadeloupe decide "the attitude to be" on strike after a new trading day Saturday.(2) In Martinique, fear of contagion of the crisis. To avoid another night of rioting, a curfew was established, and for the time being, the situation appears calmer. The President of the General Council, Claude Lise (app-PS), expects a "positive outcome" Saturday in the negotiations on prices and wages. "Six people in custody following the death of trade unionist "FEATURE: Guadeloupe boiling

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