Sunday, February 15, 2009

Guadaloupe, social justice and trade unions.

Without strong unions society and the economy stagnates and the social differences increased. No government in a modern state, can fix anything if it is not based on the political strength of workers unions with strategic task for education, social securiy and universal health system rigths.

En l'absence de syndicats forts société et l'économie stagne et les différences sociales accrues. Aucun gouvernement dans un État moderne, peut fixer à rien si elle n'est pas fondée sur la force des syndicats.
Sin sindicatos fuertes la sociedad y la economia se estancan y las diferencias sociales se acrecentan.Ningun gobierno, en un estado moderno, puede arreglar nada si no esta basado en la fortaleza de los sindicatos.

As demonstrated today by continuing press reports, the population of Guadeloupe takes several weeks of strike against racism, discrimination, inequality and colonialism.

This movement seems to be extending throughout the Caribbean where there are often obsolete forms of government that perpetuate discrimination and the prevalence of caste family in power for centuries.

Modern society requires that all citizens of a nation have the same right to hold public office and qualify for them, and that there should be equality of opportunity for all with equal rights to education, health and social security.(Rigth to the happiness and defense of commun with equal opportunity for all established by the American Constitution for first time in the history of humanity without any mention of the words "Private property" Thar never appear in the American Constitution, the reference of area America)

The labor movement is proving in Guadaloupe to the world that is the working class and peasant the most important for the development of a nation. Guadeloupe is an example of the need for governments to support the unions because the unions are the most important factor to develop and preserve the social rights of the population, and the achievements of individual workers.

A country without strong unions are easy prey to dictators, kinship nepotism and high administrative corruption. A factor of weakness of the state in America today is the poverty of the American labor movement, and in my opinion, the origin of the current crisis in the U.S. economy, high corruption and the weakening of the middle class. Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida.

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