Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Guadaloupe: 1% of whites goberning 99% of non whites. Apatheid in the caribbeans?

The tension in Guadaloupe and Martinica is in the border of a
revolution for civil and social rigths against a elite of racist oligarchy of white people using the caribbean population as domestics servants of a tourist destination, second class people. This situation against humans rigths was censored by the international media until today and the human rigths comission of the Europeans Union too, to kept untoucheable the "status quo" of France in the Caribbean, but now we are confronting a social explosion where the mass of the island are figthing for his ow identity and biodiversity kidnapped by racism a discrimination. It is evident and documented the abuse of power against the people of thes caribbeans islands during decades. Some media are tryng to show the situation as a union policy to censorship the true about Guadaloupe racisme of the oligarchy supported under the responsability of the french goverment and misinformation in the international media and intellectual, journalist and artist around the world.
The human dignity( condition humaine) of the people of Martinique and Guadaloupe is inside the counciusness of the international community at this time.
(A l'apartheid apparenté dans lequel il maintient nos sociétés de par le contrôle actif qu'il exerce sur la mobilité sociale des afro et indo guadeloupéens..."Caribe creole one")

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