Monday, February 16, 2009

The Caribbean are not merely a recreational destination for the rich.


The people of Gudaloupe which takes several weeks of uninterrupted strikes us is showing all the peoples of the Caribbean which are the unions, led by the elite of the workers and peasants mainly responsible for democracy, participation and economic development of a country . The so-called middle class is weak in the face of oppression by powerful interests of a class irresponsible rich only limited to elites sponsored by rich countries and operators.

When the government replaces the political power of unions to protect a bureaucracy governed by well-known families based on corruption and discrimination of people of second and third class, the economy will be ruined like this happening in the United States and happened in Russia, during he former URSS where the Comunist Party based on political powers of unions was supplanted by families in the power supported by a red tape of burocrates very corrupted and discriminative.

Historically they have used racism, discrimination, inequality and nepotism to sustain their sprivilegios at the expense of the rest of the population that is despecivamente look like bondage or third-class human beings.

We,The Caribbean are not merely a recreational destination for the rich, we are one people with common history of glory and heroism which must be respected within the international community.

The great international press is censored now what happens in Guadaloupe but its mass workers and peasants must know that they are not alone in their demands, backed by the history of the Caribbean Sea which now reaches all corners of the globe.
Wherever a man who valued human dignity to be with the peoples of the Caribbean as Guadaloupe who fight for their rights to health, education, equal opportunity and against racism and discrimination.

Oligarchy operator will never have money to buy what they claimed natural law of nations, or an economic crisis to argue for depriving the right to a habitat that now hey lack for them.

Greed and the lure of power from privileged families can do little to maintain the "status quo" of their privileges as everyone knows is that inequality and discrimination are the real source of corruption, crime and poverty, not the economy crisis.

The people of Guadeloupe through their unions is claiming that social policies that now only exist for juridical proteccion of a minority of rich white families an friends very known for decades...Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida.

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