Wednesday, January 28, 2009

St Lucia’s Judicial System: Heading in the right direction?

As a sign of the times, the influenced of some legal aspect of the American System and his evolution based on science and technologist develop is a debate between lawyers and lawmaker in caribbeans countries seeking the "English Common Law". Today is critical, because the law and the legal system have a directly economy impact in the caribbean integration and the changes needed in the socioeconomy infraestructure of caribbeans countries to afford a juridical personality in the international community. This article is the evidence of a transition at the level of institution and "DE FACTO" infraestructure in the caribbeans.Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida.

THE STAR ONLINE.St. Lucia.Caribbean.

"If we can depoliticize the Caribbean courts, it would be a good thing for us . . . you must have heard of the establishment of the Caribbean Court of Justice, yet still we have to depend on the courts in England, for the normal hierchical structure we had in the past—we don’t have the confidence enough to have our case heard and determined in the Caribbean,” he said He also pointed to the political interference involved in the appointments within the courts."

"A young prosecutor who would prefer to remain anonymous admitted that even she has no faith in the system. Apart from the lack of resources and poor investigative techniques, battling “white collar crimes” has also been a challenge for the St Lucia courts. According to the 2008 report by Attorney General Nicholas Frederick, he admitted that an agency within his Ministry has investigated 60 suspicious financial transactions during 2008 but they have not been successful in prosecuting the perpetrators."

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