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Lamming: Teach young about regional unity Published on: 1/24/09.


George Lamming

Clasic-elemental if you want to know caribbeans- Barbados writer-in-residence and lecturer in the Creative Arts Centre and Department of Education at the University of the West Indies. Since then, he has been a visiting professor at the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Pennsylvania and a lecturer in Denmark, Tanzania, and Australia.

"IF CARIBBEAN PEOPLE want to avoid past failed attempts at regional integration, the passion for that ideal must be nurtured at the primary school level."

This was the message from celebrated Barbadian author George Lamming when he addressed the official opening of the primary school named after him in Welches, St Michael.

Lamming said that for there to be one "genuine sovereign West Indian nation", it had to be first nurtured from that tender age, adding that after "four years of petty, insular disputes and recriminations", the experiment had failed and that moment was lost.

"We have never recovered from that failure, and two generations later, it often appears that we are about to repeat it," stated the author of In The Castle Of My Skin.

He said the fractures could be healed in regional relations, if started from the primary level, letting them understand the history which produced them.

"For the sugar industry, in its plantation arrangement, made us afraid and ashamed of manual labour, and now plantation Stage Two – the tourist industry, confronts us with a new breed of human termite who sees this island as just another piece of real estate to [be sold to] the highest bidder. And what was once a recognisable society is being converted into a global service station," the author charged. (CT)

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