Thursday, January 22, 2009

Gender discrimination is the main root of undevelop and marginal society in caribbeans.

"Climatic change and economy crisis is a war anyway using another tools where caribbeans can be, easy, the lossers ones, it does no matter if they recipt loans from rich countries, as happen with Haiti during centuries, if they don't take measure on time, now, about how womans and families by the media,informatic, school and states ethical standars can being able to involved in the managing of infraestructure positions of the state to the defense of social, economic and political and geopolitical values of the country and area in crisis. This is a estrategicall problem of states and social security, properly, it is not a problem of a particular political ideology party alone. Caribbeans are defined by Jose Marti geopolitical idea of balanced of the world as a point of equilibrium. Without this point of equilibrium we can loose our own nature as caribbeans and can became very easy isolated as happens with the dictadure in Brazil, Chile and the dictadure of Trujillo and his family in Dominican Republic. I does no matter if you are "family dictadure" or a "puppet democracy political party for few rich people with juridical protectionan" you have the support of a rich country, you, anyway, became far away from the equilibrium of the world, always in distress between Maquiavelo and Castiglione, thesis that Marti defined as the geopolitical nature of the independence of Cuba and caribbeans, the ideal philosofical stone in the area. It is more than a third political position, is a conception of the caribbean states that have his roots in the institutional philosofy of the foreign office of Mexico since the times of Benito Juarez admired and studied by Jose Marti under the influenced of the cuban-mexican poet Jose Maria Heredia. Since that point of view th relation of Cuba and Caricom with Mexico, the most stronger cultural influenced in America, and to share ideas is so as importat as the same happens with Spain, the root of the main linguistic axis foundational in America, before you take any political decition in foreing affair. In my point of view the opinion of Mexico and Spain are vital for caribbeans foreing affairs, no only for Cuba."

"CUBA AND CARICON must develop more proactive strategy to give women position in the the infraestrucura that is now under the domination of men in the ancient caves were are, yet, the clan of families."

The main weakness of Germany in 1933 was the discrimination of women, devoted to home and teaching.
This allowed Hitler took power without opponents.
Although the Third Reich was a highly technological society, discrimination against women was the German-based racism that led the Germans to the carnage and eventually lose the war in a country devastated.

United States put the country in the hands of women who even form teams ball.
Unlike Germany, Russia and the United States won the Second World War primarily because the woman involved in the task of steering the state.
The Caribbean countries do the opposite, including Cuba, and that is one of the reasons for not lifting it beyond saying that the male has the shift in power.
Cuba the most develop society in Health Sistem and education in the area, even yet is an example of how much remains for us to educate ourselves in matters of gender discrimination.
Almost all the logistics of counterintelligence Cuban interior ministry, Immigration, Customs and scientific boards of universities in Cuba, is in the hands of women, however, as heads of state, as in the rest of the Caribbean, even by their absence and in Cuba, when they become ministers, for one reason or another, are easily deposed.
When I talked with officials from municipalities on the difficulties of a Cuban housewife, laughed sarcastically and told me it was normal for a woman to have a hard domestic jobs plus another one because they are no men.
They argued that women had adequate social security.
The reality is, women in Cuba spends a so much lot of work than men.
I think that we should think twice, lest we pass like Germany where women wept by the Leader, at the end, they had to defend Berlin with their children and elderly parents because there were no men, neither leader to defend the city of Advanced Russian.
This historical fact of Germany can be applied to economics, society and politics throughout the Caribbean, not only in Cuba.
It is my conviction that the problem of our countries is cultural, no political, the machismo associated with the aberrant regime inherited traits of slavery and feudal aristocracy of Europe that dominated us for centuries.
They are patterns in the brain, genetically programmed, they do not have anything to do with social justice but with atavism we engage in society, where only marginal hear only the voice of the arrogant tone of males and subjugated, and where a gay is dead in social life, a parameter for the clan of the tribe.
Carlos Montenegro, the writer of the novel-science "Women without Men" raised the marginal association of the world as the root of all dictatorships based on machismo, and the same approach, linked to racism we see in the Cuban film "Memoirs of underdevelopment, "a classic of world cinema.
CUBA AND CARICON must develop more proactive strategy to gived women the infraestrucure positions, ritgh now, under the domination of men in the ancient caves were there are,yet, the dominant clan families. If you wait so much, you can be a loseer. Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida.

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