Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ecuador resignation to a billion barrels of oil to save nature reserve.

About Ecuador, click here:

The image on the left shows the Transamazonian highway in Brazil shortly after it was built, the satellite image on the right shows the intense deforestation along the same road just a few years later (taken from J. Terborgh, 1992, Diversity and the Tropical Rainforest). More about Ecuador National Park,click here...:

World Social Forum, Belen, Brazil.
The president of Ecuador Rafael Correa denounced in the Brazilian Forum of Latin American countries and indigenous communities have not received the necessary financial support from rich countries in its decision to renounce trillion barrels of oil to maintain the balance of a large nature park Amazon.

To read about the declaration's background of the ecuatorian goverment,clik here:

Yasuni National Park, click here:(Amazonia)

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