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Love is first, justice, later.



Gaza, Palestine, mired in misery and oppression by a powerful neighbor and indolent as Israel, is a good example for the Caribbean people. Neither U.S. nor UN prevented the civilian population of Gaza were massacred. So try the rich and powerful nations to small towns and isolated like they are arab countries in the confussion of religion and chovinism-, with humiliation and contempt. For small towns and isolated, the union, human solidarity and respect for the freedom of the individual and his human condition is indispensable. Terrorism agains civil populaion is not and ideology, is not a solution for nobody, neiher Israel, neither Palestine.Or are not to assert to the world.
Gaza, where poverty around cemeteries and a few meters away stands the opulence and wealth indolent Israel looks only for himself, for selfishness. Gaza is the Haiti of the Middle East, the forgotten corners of the globe under the rubble of the greed of Shaylock, the character of Shakespeare.
Given the international public relation "order" example of what happens in Gaza we need to have only one voice: Caribbean join!
Intellectuals and journalists, voices CARICOM In our beloved islands of the Caribbean Sea advocating the teaching of Spanish in schools as a means of accessing the integration with Cuba in the Caribbean. They understand that the integration based on solidarity and love of neighbor is the only salvation for poor and small countries. They know that the rich world to the Caribbean islands do not happen to be less and even tourist destinations, many leaders of rich countries have not even stepped on the Caribbean or Latin America, even as sightseeing. It is important, in my opinion, I would say vital, given that the CARICOM as soon as possible with the assistance of Spain, Brazil and Mexico, if they want to draw the attention of the United States and the European Union as a nation, not just as a tourist destination. Spain and the Roman Catholic Church is the root of all Cuban culture and the axis linguistic founding of the Caribbean and Cuba, it is the major influence in the Caribbean for centuries and England.. .
The governments of Brazil and Mexico have demonstrated over many years have solid state council. These are governments that spend more money on science in Latin America.
The European Union is important for the Caribbean at the high development of cellular telephony, to achieve a cheap internet for all, the use of which Japan relies on the internet phone, if we take into consideration the new Venezuelan Satellite "Simon Bolivar.(Japan and the European Union have demonstrated, in cell phone, which when used the same techniques standars (For example, former RDA standard)can achieve greater technological development from a poor economy. The United States is not a model of investment in the development because, for example in cell phone does not have the same technical standards for each company)*
*January 4, 2009 "The Problem With U.S. Cellphones
Cellphones in the U.S. transmit data more slowly than phones in Europe and have fewer features than those in Asia, ...
Because the development of communications and informatics decide development with energy policy and the urgent need in the Caribbean to develop science, mathematics and technology education* in the relationship with the United States is vital.Another policy does not work, and the best example is the collaboration with the former URSS and Cuba who stop wihout any information to the cuban goverments, neither diplomatic personal in Russia as a gift to the new geopolitic with United States.(Is painful to admit it, but the Cubans got from first to last, as padlocks peasants caught with a hat. The Cuban leaders had to be listen by the BBC about the fall of the USSR, and that experience should be never forgotten in the Caribbean and Latin America.One day after dropping the USSR, union leaders still in Cuba was in meetings were cry for long live to the friendship between Cuba and Russia,in the audience, whos heard some news on the BBC repressed laughter. Communist leaders in Cuban enterprises branded denounced as crazy that must go to the psiquiatrist the workers who claimed that the USSR had fallen and propaganda pro URSS must be take out from the wall. My experience was a laughable and sad at the same time. The government fell into a ridiculous comedy and everyone started to doubt the ability of their government leader with heroic history but limited to see the next future for the country. It was my experience in Cuba at that time.Russia's leaders never considered the Cuban leader with the ability or education to query. They never consulted during he crisis in October when, nor had any into account Cuban initiative.They never consulted when the base of Lourdes was shut off. Never reported any problems inside the Cuban side, either officially declared the end of the colaboration. They went back to home without bidding farewell to the hosts as if to leave a lost Indian tribe in the Amazon jungle.)*1
We can trust in nobody... only in ourselves.!. (China, Russia, Spain, and if there is an agreement between the U.S. and Iran, which now is interested in Latin America, are business partners of the United States where are almost 90% of the world's largest universities.Ref:

Geopolitics is vital to the United States for the Americas, but must be understood that we are one world into another and we have our own characteristics different from Americans, it is not a problem of policy toward Cuba, is a cultural an sociologial problem difficult to fixed wih a change of President in United States and everybody must understood this fact of the reality, they can travel very easy to China or India but no to Latinoamenrica of caribbeans in the same way.(Obama is an example, like many American intellectuals who only have access to tourist information and propaganda about the Caribbean and Latin America, has never gone to the region a few milles away from Florida, nor, as a "tourist"!)

The criterion for achieving true social justice throughout the Caribbean and a way for the development of personality is to strengthen the positions of CARICOM and Cuba with information technology strategy, the inclusion of science in the media, political Common Immigration, Customs , foreign, health policy, education and social security, and free for all, with the passport of the CARICOM, which guarantees freedom of movement, expression and businesses in the area for all the Caribbean with legal and protects all citizens Caribbean whichever provides the Geneva Convention and the Charter of Human Rights.
An energy policy, educational, health, social security, information and freedom of movement for all in the Caribbean would be the principles in the region for progress and a defense against climate change and economic crisis five years, not less . Standardize policies, share resources, make each Caribbean have access to housing, social security, health, education, legal protection, freedom of movement and freedom of expression is an urgent need to crises we face if we want to save the Caribbean and to prevent becomes Haiti.
*1.-Through team's Sergei Lapin visiting Cuba, and then, later I could tes the information by the Russian academic at the University of Oriente in Santiago de Cuba, and diplomatics, I learned in 1975 that Russian universities had informed to the ruling elite in Moscow of the fall of the field socialist. The Party elite absurdly take measures to stay in power, one was proposing to Havana to divide the island into two Matanzas to Pinar del Rio American and the rest of the island would be Russian.( However, I do not surprised by the news, Russian and U.S. intelligence coordinated operations through the CIA-KGB team since before 1971 and it was frowned upon by the Cuban officials that a Cuban intimate with a Russian diplomat.)The idea was rejected completely, but never took action in Cuba. Neither acknowledged the recommendations of the Russian scientists and academics.
At that time, If you talk to a party leader on the need to build agricultural due to the possible fall of the USSR accused of you must be crazy. The thesis of the Party in Cuba was that the military might of Russia guaranteed invulnerability of the Party and its leaders, for ever. In 1989 it was sadly mistaken.
The history of Russia and the United States, todfay, have shown that neither a political party, or several, or the military power guarantee the logistic permanence of a nation and his spiritual and moral goals without crisis. Only education, science and spiritual and material culture of a people founded on solid bases the nation and that is why I have the point of view that the catechism of churches that have established the Caribbean culture should be taught in schools, so as science and technology, such as training standards student basis for the future "spirit" of the identity and stability and security on the nation. No political party or ideology, nor our army to ensure countries are not based on whether the institutions of the cultural roots and a state that guarantees the right of every citizen to give his opinion, dissenting or not in the media and tolisten them wih respect, while we categoriced the citizenship by a membresy we are not shure wether or not we have a crisis of stability and security of the nation.
Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida.

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